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Your goal is to destroy earth as it houses the evil Fake Cats !
Fly through space and gather meteors and scrap to make an even bigger boom !
But careful, you should dodge the missiles and mines !


This Game was made for the Epic Mega Jam 2019 hosted by Epic Games. The jams theme was: Down to Earth.

SirDaniel - Daniel Klautsch
3D & 2D Art
geno - Andreas OehlkeProgramming & Sound
lkav - Simon FüglisterProgramming
LeanderGame Design
kggx - Kilian Braun3D & Tech Art


Content created before the jam:

Skybox  generatorAlex Peterson - Spacescape
Earth textures (modified by kggx)JHT's Planetary Pixel Emporium


TeamApocatlypse_Kami-Catse 144 MB
Version 0.3.1 Nov 22, 2019

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